Wild Womb Ayurveda

Ancient Wisdom For Radiant Wellness

Radiance starts from within.

Natural radiance is the embodiment of good health. When someone is embodied in radiance their skin glows, they move confidently, and there is a quality of gracefullness that emits from them. The modern world chases this kind of radiance through external sources, but the truth is, radiance is not something that can be achieved externally. Radiance is how you feel, in your body.

Accessing your inner radiance is to tune into your body’s intelligence physically, mentally, and spiritually. We should never feel like a foreigner in our own body, nor, should we be in constant resistance and battle with them. It is simply to come back to your inherit wisdom by learning how to speak your body’s language. Practices like self-care, aligning to your cycle, eating fresh, creating a lifestyle suitable to your dosha (mind/body constitution), and stress management are all ways in which you can encourage a life of abundant health and radiance.

I have created Wild Womb Ayurveda to guide you into the language of your body, to remind you of your innate ability to self-heal, and to live a life of ease, grace, joy, and beauty. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in women’s health and maya abdominal therapy, I help you cultivate a life of radiant wellness by nourishing your Yin (feminine energy), catering to your unique constitution, and guiding you back into your beautiful body.

And with that said,

Welcome home Goddess.

P.S. I was recently featured in VoyageDenver Magazine if you would like to read more about my journey into Ayurveda.


Ayurvedic Consults

Ready to reclaim your radiance? I offer personalized Ayurvedic consults to those ready to dive into a more joyful, balanced, and radiant life. In this personalized support, I focus specifically on your health goals, discover your unique mind/body type, and guide you into a body that you will feel incredible in.

Courses & Offerings

Looking to bring Ayurveda, feminine embodiment, and/or womb teachings to your community?
I am available for bookings in yoga teacher trainings, retreats, events, and workshops. Learn more about current virtual and in-person courses and offerings below.

Malia Michael, AP, LMT

Malia’s passion is to explore the intricacies of the human body while acknowledging the innate ways in which one can self-heal. In 2013, her passion led her to India where she discovered one of the oldest healthcare systems in the world, Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one of the oldest constructs in embodying overall health and well-being. Malia is a Women’s Ayurvedic Practitioner, Maya Abdominal Therapist, and Doula. Along with Ayurveda, she incorporates other modalities such as yoga, womb wisdom, cacao, and herbalism into her practices. She has facilitated events for NPO, Embracing the Feminine such as red tents, moon circles, and women’s retreats. Malia’s purpose is to guide women back into the wisdom of their bodies, creating space for limitless transformation and healing.

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