Importance of a Daily Routine

Daily Routine also known as Dinacharya, is one of the simplest and best ways to live a balanced and healthy life. Dina means daily and charya means routine in Sanskrit, so dinacharya is, one’s daily routine. Physiologically speaking, dinacharya is the alignment of one’s biological rhythms as it connects to the rhythm of nature.

Everything is part of a natural cycle and rhythm. The sun will always rise and set, the seasons will always change, and our life will always adjust to the new routine of life. In the the animal kingdom, the only way to survive is to be one with the environment and understand life’s natural patterns and all the exists within it.

We are creatures of the Earth, more importantly, WE ARE the earth. From the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breath, when we become centered to who we are, the more we will thrive in a place of health and vitality.

“Disconnection to nature is disconnection to oneself”

“It is through our own resistance against nature and our body’s wisdom that causes Disease”

A daily routine is a beautiful way to help us connect with our biological clock as we connect to the rhythms of nature. Waking up with the sunrise for a natural energy boost, eating our largest meal during lunch when we have the strongest digestion (the sun at its highest peak = strong digestion). All of these little things can highly impact the quality of our life.

And remember, our bodies are already doing most of the work for us- whether we are consciously thinking about it or not. Why else would we crave warm foods and teas, and wear warm clothes in the winter? Or cooling fresh foods and swimming in the summer?

Our bodies are constantly adjusting us to a routine that is aligned with our Environment.

A daily routine brings us back into balance with ourselves, and as humans, we literally thrive on it!

A daily routine also eliminates what we call decision fatigue.

We may not be aware of it, but throughout the day we make hundreds of decisions.

What clothes am I going to wear?

What should I have for breakfast?

Should I take the side roads to work?

Where should I go for lunch?

The list goes on and on…

To have a regular dinacharya practice helps reduce the decisions you have in the morning, which, in return, frees up our mind and gives more space to be present with the rest of your day. (Also helps give more energy to the big decisions you really have to think about!)

Dinachara is a wonderful tool to begin to cultivate a life of health and longevity.

It is about taking conscious action of aligning to our body’s innate wisdom and that of the earth, in order to align to the frequency of health, harmony and balance.

Here are is a sample morning routine to begin to add into your day.

If you are new to Dinacharya, I suggest picking 1-2 a week, and then if you feel good, add more in!

Click here for a free Dinacharya guide!

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