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4 week online journey blending Ayurvedic and Esoteric Teachings to ignite the wisdom of your womb.

Through this 4 week journey we will be focusing on each phase of the monthly cycle and fully integrating and embodying them as our internal seasons. We will be invoking different goddesses, creating alters, learning how to align ourselves to our phases, anchoring in our super powers within each phase, and beautifully embodying each phase through intentional and sacred embodiment practices.

New dates will be released soon for this course. Please click the link below to learn more. 

Ayurveda for

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your female body or continuously struggling with your cycle? In this workshop you will discover all the ways in which you can connect deeper into your womb’s wisdom and bring more harmony, ease, and balance into your life. We will introduce cycle syncing, ayurvedic tips for easing menstrual symptoms, ways to optimize fertility, and how to balance your hormones the natural way.

New dates will be released soon for this class. 


Events, Workshops, and YTTs

Currently available for teacher training, workshops, retreats, and events

If you are interested in booking for your teacher trainings please email and provide the following information: Studio/venue name and location, date, length or duration of event/module, and RYT certification level (for YTT).

Retreats- I have travel availability if requested 90 days in advance, my offerings include, Ayurveda, Mayan Abdominal Therapy + self-care teachings, womb wisdom, cacao ceremonies, and Ayurvedic cooking.

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